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Before you get started

The concept of paying others to refer potential customers to your membership business has been proven to work well for some companies (e.g. ConvertKit). However, that doesn't mean having affiliates makes sense for everyone.

For one thing, having affiliates means more work for you, as you'll have to manage payouts and other admin issues (such as charge backs or refunds from referred members).

Another issue is costs, the 3rd party platform we're recommending currently is called Tapfiliate and they start at $69/month.

So before you jump into launching an affiliate program we recommend you first get a significant base of customers (say about $1000/month) to make sure your business is actually viable before you add another layer of costs/complexity with an affiliate marketing program.

Step #1

NOTE: This setup is only for advanced users who are at least somewhat comfortable with html and javascript code.

Please first read over Tapfiliate's website to make sure they have all the features you're expecting. To summarize, they allow you to have affiliates sign up for an account with them (email and password) and then get a unique affiliate link. They can then share that affiliate link with anyone. After someone clicks that affiliate link and ends up purchasing one of your Membership Plans the affiliate will get a commission for the sale. You choose how much the commission will be and how to pay them (e.g. via PayPal).

You'll need to have setup a one-time payment or recurring subscription membership plan in MemberSpace before setting up Tapfiliate.

If you're ready to get started, head on over to their pricing page and click their "Start Your Free Trial" button.

After you create your account and enter your credit card you will be brought to the installation onboarding screen. Click the Stripe logo:

Step #2

On the next screen, copy the code in the Step 1 box:

Now go into your MemberSpace backend and head to the Affiliate Tracking page. If you don't know the URL for the page, just email us: [email protected].

Paste the code you just copied into the Tracking Code section like this:

Step #3

Now go back to the Tapfiliate screen and copy the code in their Step 2:

Now head back to your MemberSpace backend and paste the code you just copied into the Conversion Code section. After you paste in the code, select the words "STRIPE CUSTOMER ID" in the code:

Then click the "Add MemberSpace variables" button above and select "member.stripe_customer_id":

Next, select the "OPTIONAL ORDER AMOUNT" text. If you plan to offer recurring commissions for affiliates then replace the selected text with "0" (no quotes). If you plan to offer one time payment to affiliates then click the "Add MemberSpace variables" button and select "order.grand_total":

Step #4 (optional)

If you want to set up recurring commissions for affiliates, follow the instructions to set up Zapier. NOTE: this is for advanced users only. If you run into any issues, Zapier support is fantastic - just email them:

Click the "Use this Zap" button:

Step #5

Ok last step! You can now set up your first affiliate program and get started. If you're not automatically brought to the programs screen you can go here and click New Program:

After you have your program set up you can start accepting affiliate sign ups by sharing your invite link or placing it on your website.

If you run into any issues or have questions along the way, just send us an email: [email protected] or give us a call at 201-499-5193.

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