Using our API / Javascript hook (developers only)

Warning: This guide is for people comfortable with Javascript programming.

We provide the ability for you to access the currently logged in member so that you can further customize your site.

Common use cases include:

  • Displaying certain elements if a member is logged in.
  • Pre-fill forms with a member's information.
  • Displaying personalized messages to members.

How to get started

Start by placing this code on your website:

  (function() {
    MemberSpace.onReady = MemberSpace.onReady || [];
    MemberSpace.onReady.push(function(args) {
      if (args.member) {
        /* Your custom code goes here */

Make sure this code block is below the required MemberSpace Install Code.

The member object data structure will be as follows:

    id: [integer],
    name: [string],
    firstName: [string],
    lastName: [string],
    email: [string],
    profileImageUrl: [string],
    plans: [array],
    plan_ids: [array],
    failedCard: [boolean],
    customField###1: [string],
    customField###2: [string],
    customField###3: [string]

Property Descriptions


The member's unique identifier.


Simply a string combination of the first and last name of the member.


A string of the member's first name.


A string of the member's last name.


A string of the member's email address.


A url of the member's profile image source 


The plans array is a list of plan names the member is actively subscribed too.


The plan_ids array is a list of plan ids the member is actively subscribed too.


The failedCard boolean indicates if the customer currently has a failed payment.


A string of the member's custom sign up fields.

To find the 4 or 5 digit id for each field, go to your MemberSpace account > click on Customize > Click Sign Up Fields > then edit the field you're looking for and copy the digits that appear in the URL (/custom_fields/####/edit).

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