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How to create member-only events

Follow the steps below to create member-only events using your existing website.

  1. Create and design a normal page on your website for each member-only event you'll be hosting. On the page you can add any images, event details, etc. that you only want attendees to read about.

    Some website builders (such as Squarespace) even have actual event pages you can create which have pre-built designs.
  2. Add this page's url as a Member Page in your MemberSpace account. You don't need to select any Member Plan when adding the page.
  3. Create a new one time payment Member Plan. If you're not charging for the event, then create a free Member Plan instead. When creating this plan make sure it grants access to the Member Page you added in Step 2.
  4. Now people will need to join this Member Plan in order to get access to the event page you created.

    Feel free to add the plan's Sign Up Link on your website, in an email, or anywhere else.

    If you want to create an additional page for previewing/selling the event you can do that - just make sure it's NOT a Member Page (i.e. it's public for everyone). On this preview/sales page you could add the Sign Up Link for the event's Member Plan so people can join and then get access to the full event Member Page and details.
  5. In your MemberSpace account > click on 'Customize' in the top navigation > click 'Member Emails' > then scroll to the bottom and click the 'Add Welcome Email per Plan' button.

    Now you'll be able to create a specific Welcome Email for anyone who joins your event's Member Plan from Step 3. You can use this Welcome Email as the ticket people need to show when coming to the event to prove they have an RSVP.
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