How to create weekly/monthly content for sale

Let's say you have a yoga studio and you want to release a new pre-recorded video session each week for people to purchase. Each session would cost $10. If someone purchased a session, they could access the video but could not see any other previous or future sessions unless they also bought those.

If you want to release content on a different time period (e.g. monthly or quarterly) the steps below can easily be repurposed.

It's pretty simple to set this up in MemberSpace!

  1. Create a new page in your website editor (e.g. Webflow, Squarespace, WordPress, etc) that will be for the first upcoming week you'll be offering for sale. Let's pretend the page URL is /week-1.

    You would then add the video for that week to the page along with any wording or other content you want people to see on the page.

    If you want to add extra protection for these videos you should consider adding extra security to the page or using our Content Links. Here are more details on those options.
  2. You would add "/week-1" as a Member Page in your MemberSpace account and make the page available immediately:
  3. Next, you would create a new one time payment Member Plan. Let's pretend the plan name is called "Week 1 Video". You would make it cost $10, have it grant access to the "/week-1" Member Page, and leave it as public:
  4. You would repeat Step 1 through 3 each week whenever you have a new video to sell.
  5. For an optimal user experience, it would make sense to design some kind of Member Dashboard page in your website editor. You could make this page public or a Member Page depending on the experience you want. If it's a Member Page, you'll need to make sure all your Member Plans grant access to it, though.

    This page would simply be a list of links to all of the weekly video pages (and other content) you've been creating. This way people could always go to this page to see all the videos and content you have. And if they click on a video page that they haven't purchased yet, they would be prompted to join that Member Plan and pay for it.

    Below is an example:

How to create an all-access membership

Let's say you also want to provide an all-access membership for $25/month which gives members access to all past and future videos without having to purchase each individually.

Simply create a new Recurring Payment plan, set the price to $25 with a 1 month recurring interval, and make sure it grants access to all of your weekly Member Pages:

Leave it as public and each time you add a new weekly Member Page, you'll be able to check off this All Access plan so that it's always granting access to all your videos.

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