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How free Member Plans work

When you create a Member Plan, one option is to make it Free:

Free plans don't require any payment, and members who join them will get access to any Member Pages and Content Links you choose for that plan.

There are a few unique aspects of free Member Plans to keep in mind:

  • If a member tries to go to a Member Page or access a Content Link that their current plan does not give them access to, if a free public Member Plan does have access, they will be automatically added to that free plan. This will then give them access to the pages/content they were trying to visit.
  • When a member tries to join a free plan (or automatically gets added to one as described above), they won't need to click anything if they already have an account created. Whereas when they join a paid plan, they always need to click a submit button on a payment form to confirm they will be charged.
  • If at any point a member needs to cancel a free plan, you will need to manually remove the plan from their account on their behalf.  Doing this will ensure the member no longer has access to your Member Pages and content.  Members will NOT be able to cancel free plans themselves.
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