Previewing Your Site on MemberSpace v2

If you'd like to preview your site on MemberSpace v2 without affecting the live site your customers see, you can switch to v2 in your browser. This will allow you to locate any changes you may need to make before fully switching to MemberSpace v2.

How to Preview Your Site on v2

If you prefer written instructions, please see below.

  1.  First, you'll want to determine which version of MemberSpace you are using by opening a MemberSpace pop-up (i.e. Login form).  If the close icon is a small "x" within a circle, you are using MemberSpace v1.

    Otherwise, if the close icon is a small white "x" with no circle, you are already using v2.

  2. Right-click anywhere on your website > then click "Inspect".  This will open a new window on top of your site.

  3. The new window will automatically open to the "Elements" tab.  Click over to the "Console" tab at the top.

  4. Next, beside the little blue arrow at the bottom, click into the white space so your cursor appears.

  5. Then, copy the following code and paste it into the white space: MemberSpace.setSuperseded('prod');

  6. Hit Enter, and the page will reload.  This means the code was accepted.
  7. After the page reloads, you'll be looking at your website using v2 of MemberSpace.  As previously mentioned, only you will see this in your current browser; your members will not see any changes.

    You can confirm that your website is using v2 by repeating Step 1. If the close icon is a small white "x" with no circle, you are successfully previewing your site on v2.
  8. Finally, you'll want to click through your website and be sure you are satisfied with how everything (i.e. Login/Account forms, Sign Up forms, etc.) looks and feels.  If needed, you can make adjustments in MemberSpace under Customize > Look & Feel.

    If you have any requests for how we should expand our Look & Feel editor options please let us know.

    Once you make and save your changes in the Look & Feel editor, reach out to [email protected] and let us know you'd like to officially switch to v2 so your members can experience it as well!

Toggling Between v1 and v2

After reviewing your site on v2, you may not be ready to officially migrate right away.  Instead, you may want to switch your browser view back to v1.  You can toggle between v1 and v2 by making a slight change to the code you used above in Step 5.

Simply remove the quotation marks and the word "prod" so the code exactly matches: MemberSpace.setSuperseded();

After, hit Enter, and when the page reloads, you'll be back to previewing your site on v1.

You can toggle between v1 and v2 as often as you want without affecting your members.  As mentioned above, the best way to tell which version of MemberSpace you are viewing is by opening a pop-up and looking at the close icon.

If you still want to add Custom CSS you'll need to do that within your website editor (e.g. Wordpress, Squarespace, Webflow, Duda, etc). However, we may make changes to our code in the future without notice which may conflict with whatever Custom CSS you add to your website editor so we don't advise it.

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