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(Legacy Feature) Migrating from Content Containers to Content Links

The Content Containers feature is no longer being offered to newer customers.  Instead, we recommend you use Content Links to protect the content on your Member Pages such as images, PDFs, videos, mp3s, documents, and even HTML.

Content Containers previously allowed you to protect content by adding multiple files to one container.  From there, you would copy the Container’s embed code and add it to your website to display all content within the Content Container.  With the release of MemberSpace v2, this feature is no longer being developed and has been replaced by Content Links.

In short, you will now need to replace any Content Containers on your website with individual Content Links.  To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Member Pages > Manage Content Links in your MemberSpace account. There, you will find all of your files previously uploaded to Content Containers have already been created as Content Links.
  2. Click "View legacy Content Containers" at the bottom under the Content Link search filters on the left. You will see all of the Content Containers appear.
  3. Click "Edit Container" next to each Content Container to figure out which files (now "Content Links") they contained.  You should consider making a note on your end with this information as well as which Member Plans granted access to the container.

  4. Next, navigate back to Member Pages > Manage Content Links.
  5. Select a Content Link by clicking it > click Edit selection > check to be sure all of the settings are correct, especially “Which Member Plans get access?”.  After you edit the settings, click “Update Now” at the bottom.
  6. Remove any Content Container embed codes from your website.
  7. Add your new Content Links to your website and arrange them however you’d like.  These guides show how to add Content Links to your site depending on which website platform you use.

And that’s it!  Now you've successfully migrated from using the legacy Content Containers feature to Content Links.

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