Before jumping in... please be aware that MemberSpace does NOT have any built in gifting functionality :( However, you can repurpose our existing features to allow gifting of membership plans between members. While it's not ideal, it's a potential solution for folks out there who really need this.


Add a Sign Up Field (Settings > Sign Up Fields) that asks members if they are creating this member account for someone else as a gift. So for example, you could add a Dropdown input like this:

So then your full sign up form would look like this: 


Tell the person giving the gift (gifter) that they should be filling out the sign up form with the name and email of the person receiving the gift (giftee). They should also mark down whatever password they enter since they will need to send that to the giftee later.


When the gifter goes to pay they should enter in their own credit card (since they are the giving the gift). After they have successfully paid, they should manually email the giftee letting them know they purchased the gift and what the email and password login is. Keep in mind, the giftee will receive your "Welcome Email" and your "Successful Charge Receipt" email  (unless you disable them). You can edit these email templates by going to Settings > Member Emails.

Create a Member Plan that is for gifting only (e.g. Gift Plan) and make sure it's not public. Send the plan's Sign Up Link to the gifter for purchasing. You can then create a Welcome Email just for the Gift Plan (go to Settings > Member Emails > click "Add Welcome Email per plan". 

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