Cancelation Alternatives are a feature of MemberSpace which allow you to provide options to your members before they actually cancel their Member Plan with you.

By default we give your members the ability to send support (i.e. you) an email instead of canceling:

However, you can turn on/off two other options (extended trial and discount coupon) by going to your MemberSpace backend and clicking Settings > Sign Up Experience > scroll down to Cancelation Options:


You can give your members an option to extend their trial longer by a number of days (you choose how many). If this option is enabled it will only appear for people currently on a free trial of a Member Plan. The extension will simply add onto their current remaining trial length.

Members can only use this option once to extend their trial.


You can alternatively give your members an option to apply a discount coupon to their next billing cycle.

You'll choose which of your existing coupons should be the one that applies. You can only choose one at a time (but can always change it).

The coupon must be for recurring/multiple payments, is available on all Member Plans, does not have a redemption start/end date, and has no max # of redemptions.

Members can only use this option once to get a discount.


Here's a quick look at all the options from your member's perspective:

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