In MemberSpace we allow you to add video content (protected as Content Links) using YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia as the host. We then allow you to securely embed these videos on your website so only members can view them.

URL Formats

Below is the format you should use when entering each video's URL as a Content Links.

Vimeo example:

Wistia example:

YouTube example:

Adding More Security

Any video that appears on any website is always prone to nefarious copying and sharing (e.g. someone could simply be recording their screen while watching your video). Hollywood hasn't even figured out a solution to the problem yet, so it's just a reality right now. The good news is the amount of people who would be nefarious with your video content is likely much lower than you think and the vast majority of people will act honestly.

All that being said, we do recommend you follow the guidelines we lay out below for keeping you video content more secure (e.g. making it harder and more annoying to copy and share illegally).

YouTube Security

YouTube has the least amount of security options (compared to Vimeo or Wistia). We recommend with any YouTube videos you are protecting with MemberSpace you change their Privacy Setting to "Unlisted" in YouTube. Making a video Unlisted means that anyone who has the link to the video can view it (and share it with anyone else). Unlisted videos don't show to viewers in the Videos tab of your channel page and they don't show up in YouTube's search results unless someone adds your unlisted video to a public playlist.

Wistia Security

We recommend you set up Domain Restrictions with Wistia so your video(s) can only be played on specific domains. The domains you should allow are your website (e.g. and the MemberSpace backend (e.g.

You can also optionally set a password on every Wistia video you protect with MemberSpace. Here are instructions on how to do this in Wistia. We recommend you use the same password for all your videos to make the process simpler for your members. You could output the password text somewhere on the page where the videos are embedded on your site or send members the password via an email (such as the Receipt Email they receive via MemberSpace).

Vimeo Security

We recommend you set up Domain Level Privacy with Vimeo so your video(s) can only be played on specific domains. The domains you should allow are your website (e.g. and the MemberSpace backend (e.g.

We also recommend you choose to not allow people to watch your video on even if they have the direct link somehow (by enabling the Hide this video from privacy setting). So the only place your video would be watchable would be on your MemberSpace protected website. You would first need to be subscribed to Vimeo Plus to get these security features.

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