1. Click the "Copy" button:

2. Make sure you are logged into your WordPress.com backend and on their Business plan or higher.

3. We recommend using a plugin to inject the install code you copied above into the head of every page on your website. We recommend the free plugin "Header Footer Code Manager" published by 99robots. You should be able to easily find it in the plugin directory.

4. After you install the plugin, you should click it and then click "Add New Snippet:

Here is how you should fill in the form:

And then simply paste the code you copied initially into the "Snippet / Code" section and click Save.

5. Now people can visit your website and join your Member Plans 🙏

To test this, you'll need to be on your live website (not the WordPress.com editor).

How to remove the default Log In / Sign Up button

After you install MemberSpace, you'll notice a black Log In / Sign Up button appear on every page of your website in the bottom right hand corner.

If you would like to move that button to a different corner please contact our support team and we'll help you with that :)

If you would like to remove the button altogether, you can easily do that by going to your MemberSpace backend > clicking Customize > Sign Up Experience > uncheck "Display the Login/Signup button" > click "Save Your Changes".

IMPORTANT - If you remove this button, you’ll need to add at least one of these alternatives otherwise your members won't be able to log in or sign up:

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