Can I keep my content within the member's pages hidden from search engines?

This guide is part of our Admin FAQ series.

If you're running a membership business, you probably have a number of reasons to protect your content from search engines.     

In MemberSpace, all of your pages and content can be hidden using Content Links, and/or blackout features. 
  • Content Links are the most secure way to protect the content on your Member Pages such as images, PDFs, videos, mp3s, documents, and even HTML. You can upload individual content to our MemberSpace backend, and we will give you back a secure unique link you can place/embed on your website. 
  • Blacking out your pages is a way to add extra security to your pages and the content you have on it, this will send Google and other search engines a strong signal to not index the page. You can black out your pages by easily copying and pasting a special page header code we give you into your page.
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