Does MemberSpace prorate subscriptions?

Yes, we do! If you have set up billing dates, the first MemberSpace charge to your members will be prorated depending on your billing cycle. 

If you have a billing date that starts on the 1st of the month, but someone signs up on the 15th, MemberSpace will charge 50% of your monthly price plan. Next month on the 1st, the member will be charged 100% of your membership's cost. 
We will also apply a prorating system when your members upgrade or downgrade a recurring plan (credit) regardless of whether you have billing dates enabled. This will happen automatically, regardless of where they are on their billing cycle.
If your members click on something that is only accessible on higher-level plans, we will automatically show a prompt to upgrade. This will show the difference in the amounts, depending on how much they have already paid. 
Your members will always have access to their billing details and history from their account view.
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