Can I block people from rejoining my membership?

Sometimes (in our experience, this will not happen to you very often), you will need to block a member from rejoining your membership. 

You can do this from your MemberSpace backend. All you need to do is go to your 'Members' section, search for the member you would like to ban, click on 'Member details' and deny the member. This will prevent this email address from rejoining any of your plans in the future. 
To double-check this member is banned from your membership, you can use our 'Filter by approval' status and search for denied members. 
If you previously deleted the member without denying them access, you will have to wait until they try to rejoin one of your plans and do this then.

Denying a member will not cancel their active plan(s) or prevent future charges.  If you do NOT want to charge a member anymore, you will also need to cancel their plan(s).

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