Supported Browsers

MemberSpace requires a modern up-to-date browser with JavaScript and Cookies enabled in order to function properly.

If you need to download a new browser, here are three modern ones:

Browser versions supported by MemberSpace

Windows, Linux, Android

  • Last two Firefox versions
  • Last two Chrome versions


  • Last two Safari versions
  • Last two Firefox versions
  • Last two Chrome versions


  • Version 13.5 and up (full support)
  • Version 10 - 13.4 (partial support)
  • Version 9 and below (no support)

If you are on an older version of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, MemberSpace will still likely work just fine. There may be some sizing/spacing issues depending on how old your browser is. If you are on a really old or obscure browser, MemberSpace won't work at all. Instead you'll be redirected to and prompted to update your browser or download a new modern one.

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