How to fix log in issues related to 3rd party cookies

If you're having trouble logging in and getting the message to make sure 3rd party cookies are enabled in your browser then follow the steps below to fix it.

NOTE: Browsers are constantly changing, so the best way to ensure your members don't experience 3rd party cookie issues is to white-label your domain (which will make MemberSpace 1st party instead of 3rd). Here are the instructions to set that up.

Chrome Browser

1. Open Chrome settings
2. Click on Advanced settings
3. Click on Site Settings
4. Click on the Cookies option
5. Turn off the option to "Block third party cookies"

Firefox Browser

1. Click the menu button
2. Select Content Blocking.
3. The Privacy & Security panel of Firefox Preferences will open. This is where you can view your settings for Content Blocking, which includes cookies.
4. Select the "Standard" option

Safari Browser

If you or your members are experiencing issues logging into their account, there could be an issue with their 3rd party cookie settings. If it's a cookie issue, usually members sign in with their credentials > are taken to the after login url for the plan they're on > then are taken back to the login screen. Many describe the experience as being "stuck in a loop". 

There are a few things you can do to help diagnose and fix this if it is a cookies issue.

How to check Safari settings on desktop:

1. Go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > and make sure that Prevent cross-site tracking and Block all cookies boxes are unchecked

2.If these settings are correct, check to make sure you are using the most updated version of Safari.

3.  Delete all cookies.

Go to Safari > Preference > Privacy > Manage Website Data > Remove All

4.  Clear cache. 

Go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced > Check off "Show Develop menu in menu bar" > Close out of Preferences and go up to the menu bar at top of browser window > click Develop > then click "Empty Caches”..

5. If you or your member still needs help you can always contact us on their behalf, or have them contact us themselves :)

How to check Safari settings on iOS (i.e. iPhone or iPad)

1. Cookie settings can be found on iOS by going to Settings > Safari > scroll down to "privacy and security" 

2. The settings need to be the same as the Desktop directions above, but the settings screen looks a bit different. They should be set as follows:

3. Your members just need to make sure that Prevent Cross-Site Tracking and Block All Cookies are NOT toggled on.

4. Again, if this doesn't fix the issue, have the member make sure they're using the most recent version of Safari iOS. 

5. If you or your member still needs help you can always contact us on their behalf, or have them contact us themselves :)

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