(Legacy Feature) How to set up Website Toolbox

This integration is no longer being offered to newer customers. Instead, we recommend you use our Circle integration for community forum functionality.

The setup guide below is meant to show you the fastest way to start a Website Toolbox account and get connected to MemberSpace. 

  1. Sign up for Website Toolbox here (save 10% off your first month). Any of the available plans will work for integration with MemberSpace. 
  2. Create your forum using this Website Toolbox form and fill out the fields below: 
    After you complete the signup form, you've created your forum, and you'll be taken to your Website Toolbox Dashboard.
  3. To integrate your Website Toolbox account with your MemberSpace account, you'll need to retrieve two pieces of information from your Website Toolbox account: your API key and your Username. 

    To find your API key, find 'Settings' within your Website Toolbox navigation, then choose 'Security':

    Once you click 'Security', scroll to the bottom of the page to find 'API Key' (the last option on the list). Click 'Show':

    Then c opy the API key.

  4. Go to your MemberSpace account > click 'Customize' > click 'Integrations' > click 'Website Toolbox' > paste in your API key in the first field:

  5. Go back to your Website Toolbox account to find your 'Username'. In your Dashboard, you'll see it towards the top right of the screen:

  6. Return to your MemberSpace account and enter your Username directly below where you have placed your API key:

  7. Once you have entered both your API key and Username, you'll want to choose which plans should have access to this forum. Check off any Member Plans you'd like to have access:

  8. To avoid potential 3rd party cookie issues, we recommend you set up a custom domain via Website Toolbox ( see instructions). Which you can enter here:

  9. Finally, click the 'Integrate with Website Toolbox' button at the bottom of this page.

  10. Now you'll want to place your forum on one of your Member Pages. Copy the "Website Toolbox Forum Link" that has been generated for you:

    Then in your website editor, pull up the page you'd like the forum to appear on and add a text link anywhere on the page. Paste the 'Website Toolbox Forum Link' you copied as the link's URL.

    This will automatically add your forum to the Member Page for logged in members!

    Make sure you save and publish your changes in your website editor.

  11. When testing your forum, make sure you are testing the page on your live website (not your website editor) in an incognito or private browser window (i.e. you're not logged into your MemberSpace account). 

  12. Also, make sure you are logged in as a member on your live website and on a plan that has access to the forum (see step 7).

    Website Toolbox creates another official URL in their backend which can then be accessed as a secondary portal if found. This is separate from the MemberSpace setup.

    You simply have to ensure 'Invite Only' is also turned on in Website Toolbox. You'll first click 'Settings' in the top navigation of your Website Toolbox backend > then click the 'Security' tab > then click the 'Privacy' dropdown and choose 'Invite Only' > then click 'Save':

Add MemberSpace login/logout URLs

By default, when your members are viewing your forum, they can log out of the forum, but that won't log them out of their membership which can obviously cause confusion :(

To avoid this, you need to update a couple of settings within Website Toolbox.

  1. Copy the URL of the page on your website where the forum is embedded (e.g. yoursite.com/forum).
  2. Log into your Website Toolbox account > click on 'General' in the top navigation > click on Embed Code > then paste in the page URL you copied into the input field for 'Where is the chat room embedded': 
  3. Click on 'Settings' in the top navigation of Website Toolbox > click on 'Single Sign On' > select your website builder name from the drop-down. If your website builder name is not visible please select 'Other':
  4. For the 'Log In Page' and 'Log Out Page' fields, add your Member Link there. You can find the link in your MemberSpace account > click 'Customize' in your top navigation > click 'Integrations' > click your website editor (e.g. Webflow, Squarespace, etc) > scroll down to 'Member Link Options' > click 'Copy' under 'Popup'.

    Then for the 'Sign Up Page' field above, enter in the page URL for any sales or pricing page you've created on your website (e.g. yoursite.com/pricing). Or simply enter in your home page (e.g. yoursite.com).
  5. Finally, click 'Save' at the bottom. 

    Now if a member goes to log out within Website Toolbox, they will be shown their account via MemberSpace and can easily log out there: 

Optional - Turn off email verification (recommended)

Website Toolbox settings will default to require that members will have to verify their email address prior to accessing the forum (this is redundant since they've already verified their email when creating their initial account on your website). 

To turn off Website Toolbox email verification, go to 'Settings' > 'Security' > uncheck Enable next to 'Email Address Verification' > then click Save:

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