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Can I choose where to redirect my users after sign up, log in and logout?

This guide is part of our Admin FAQ series.

Yes, with MemberSpace, you can choose the specific URL you want to send your users after signing up and logging in to any of your Member Plans. Also, you will be able to select a logout or exit URL for them. 

To set up your sign up or login URLs, you'll need to login to the MemberSpace backend and simply add the information when creating your Member Plan. If you wish to change this in the future, you will always be able to edit it by going to Member Plans then select the plan that you want to edit. You can then scroll down to the after login and after signup url fields and edit them there.
To set up your logout or exit URL, you'll need to login to the MemberSpace backend and click on your 'Customize' section. You will find the option available by going to General Options and scrolling down to 'Send members who log out here'.
You will want this to be a public page. Your logout URL will be the same for all the plans you offer. 
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