WordPress Caching Plugins

Using a caching plugin on your site may interfere with the MemberSpace plugin once installed.  A caching plugin is typically described as one that can help increase the speed of your website. 

You may notice issues if you recently installed the MemberSpace plugin on your WordPress site.  This is likely due to the caching plugin preventing the MemberSpace install code from loading on your website pages.  Alternatively, if you uninstalled the MemberSpace plugin, the install code may still be loading on your website pages.

To fix this, you'll need to manually clear/purge the complete cache of your website so the next time the page loads, it includes (or does not include if you uninstalled the plugin) the MemberSpace install code.  You should be able to clear/purge the cache from within the caching plugin's settings.  

If you do not know where to find this option, we recommend reaching out to your website developer or whoever built the website and/or installed the caching plugin.  Certain plugins may also have a support staff who you can contact if needed.

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