Protecting Member Pages

Member Pages are pages on your existing website that are protected with MemberSpace for members only. While this provides a basic layer of protection, we recommend adding extra security to each of your Member Pages. 

If you're using Carrd for your website, please read this guide instead.

Protecting Member Pages

  1. In your MemberSpace backend, go to Member Pages > Protect Member Pages:

  2. Next, enter the URL for the website page you'd like to protect and configure the settings for that Member Page:

    You can choose to drip out Member Page access or make it available immediately, decide which Member Plans should grant access to the Member Page, and determine whether or not you'd like to include the page in the Member Menu.

  3. After you configure the Member Page settings, click Add Now at the bottom.

Now, when a non-member or logged-out member visits the protected Member Page, they will see a popup asking them to log in or sign up:

By default, the "Create Account" button will appear on the Login form. However, if you don't want to give non-members the option to sign up, you can remove the Create Account button from your Login form.

You can also customize the wording, change the look & feel, and determine where to send people when they try to close the popup message.

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