Custom Account URLs (White-Labeled Domains)

What is domain white-labeling?

Every time you setup a site with MemberSpace we automatically create a subdomain site for you. For example, if your website is we might make a subdomain site such as for you. This subdomain site supplies the following web pages:

  • Login / Sign up forms
  • Payment forms for plans
  • Member account section
  • Content Links

This default subdomain site gets you up and running quickly but there are some non-ideal issues:

  • Your members might see links or pages that are different from your own domain. This can cause brand perception issues. 
  • Some browsers (e.g. Safari) treat this subdomain site as a 3rd party with 3rd party cookies. This can cause some members issues where they are forced to leave your website in order to login. 
  • Affiliate referrals do not work with this subdomain

The solution to all of these issues is domain white-labeling. What it means is instead of serving web pages via we can serve those same pages via where members can be anything you want like

How to set up domain white-labeling

Step 1) Choose a subdomain

First choose what subdomain you want to use, members is a common one but you can pick any subdomain you want. 

Step 2) Create a CNAME DNS entry

Log into your hosting provider and create a CNAME record where the host is your chosen subdomain and value (points to) is For example

        Type         Host            Value / Points to
        CNAME    members

Here are some host specific resources for adding CNAME DNS records:

Step 3) Inform support

Once you have your CNAME complete, inform the MemberSpace support team via chat, including a screenshot of your new CNAME. We will have our development team configure our system to serve your member web pages via your newly setup subdomain. 

Step 4) Update install code and links

Once you hear back from support the final item left to do is log into your MemberSpace backend. If you've already completed our initial onboarding - you will notice that the install code has changed and all of your MemberSpace links now use your new subdomain. On your website you will need to update:

  • Your install code
  • Any sign in / sign up links
  • Any account links
  • Any plan links
  • Any content links

Once complete MemberSpace will work just as before but now it will use your own domain.

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