How to add Create Account within your Login form

Your Login form by default only allows members to log into their existing account.

However, if you would like to also have a Create Account button within your Login form, you can easily enable that.

Log into your Member Account > click on 'Customize' in the top navigation > click on 'General Options' > then check off "Enable Create Account button within Login form":

You'll see a new dropdown appear under the label 'What should your Create Account button do'.

You now get to decide what the user experience will be for people when they click this new Create Account button within your login form.

Most people keep the default option of showing a dropdown list of public Member Plans, but if you prefer to direct people to join just one specific Member Plan that's fine too.

Or perhaps you prefer to send people to a custom page URL e.g. a sales page which explains the differences between your plans and has a Sign Up link for each.

You can choose whichever of these options you prefer and can always change it in the future!

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