How to edit the Create Account button

By default, your Login form allows current members to log into their existing accounts, and it gives non-members the option to create an account and sign up for your membership. 

However, if you do not want to give non-members the option to sign up, you can remove the Create Account button from your Login form.

Removing/adding the button Customizing the button

Removing/adding the button to Login forms

  1. Log into your MemberSpace Account
  2. Click Customize in the left navigation
  3. Click General Options
  4. Deselect Enable Create Account button within Login form
    If you previously removed the Create Account button but would like to add it back to your Login form, simply select the Enable Create Account button within Login form option.
  5. Click Save Changes below

Customizing the Create Account button

When the Create Account button is enabled, you can choose what you'd like to happen when someone clicks it from your Login form.

  1. In MemberSpace, go to Customize > General Options
  2. Click the dropdown under What should your Create Account button do?
  3. Choose to show people a dropdown of your public Member Plans, have them sign up for a specific plan, or send them to a custom URL

    Most people keep the default option of showing a dropdown list of public Member Plans, but if you prefer to direct people to join just one specific Member Plan, that's fine too.

    Or perhaps you prefer to send people to a custom page URL e.g. a sales page that explains the differences between your plans and has a Signup link for each.

    You can choose whichever of these options you prefer and can always change it in the future!

You can also customize the appearance of the Create Account button within the Look & Feel editor.

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