How to drip out Member Page access

If you want to drip out Content Links, please read this guide instead.

Depending on your membership business, you may want to drip out access to various Member Pages for your members.

Say for example you have 4 pages designed for members:


And you have one Member Plan called 'Premium Plan' with a $200 one time charge.

In our example, you want the '/member-dashboard' page to be available immediately after someone joins your Premium Plan.

You also want the '/course-part-1' page available immediately.

However, you want the '/course-part-2' page available 7 days after signup and the '/course-part-3' page available 14 days after signup.

You can easily set this all up in MemberSpace!

  1. In MemberSpace > click Member Pages > then click 'Protect Member Pages'
  2. First we'll add the '/member-dashboard' page like this:
    By selecting 'Immediately' under 'When should this page be available' you're making the page available as soon as someone joins your Member Plan.

    If you have multiple Member Plans, the timing is relative to whenever they first joined any plan.
  3. Next we'll add the '/course-part-1' page in the same way:
  4. Then we'll add the '/course-part-2' page like this:
    So this page will now only be available to a member 7 days after they initially signed up for your plan.
  5. Lastly, we'll add the '/course-part-3' page like this:
    This page will now only be available to a member 14 days after they initially signed up for your plan.
  6. That's it, you're all done!

    We recommend you link out to your three course pages from your '/member-dashboard' page so your members can easily find your pages. For more help regarding designing and setting up your member's navigation check out this list.
  7. If a member tries to access a page that they don't have access to yet, they will see a notification popup like this:To edit the wording of the popup in MemberSpace > click Customize > Custom Wording > Notifications & Alerts > scroll down to 'Drip content not yet available text' and edit it then click Save Changes when done.

If a member cancels their recurring/multiple charge Member Plan which granted access to a Member Page that was being dripped out and then rejoins that plan, their drip period will start over. If the member was on a free or one time charge plan that expired or was canceled for them and rejoins the plan, their drip period will NOT start over.

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