How to modify the invoices your members receive

Here's an example of what the default invoice looks like that your members receive:

MemberSpace automatically shows the member what they were charged (including any coupons and fees) and what billing period it covered.

We also show them your website URL in the Bill To section and your site name in the Bill From section.

You can edit your site name (and website URL) in MemberSpace > click Customize > Connected Websites > Edit Site for the one you want to edit.

For some of you (especially our friends in the EU) you may want to add more details to the Bill From section (e.g. your company's address).

You can easily do that in MemberSpace > click Customize > Custom Wording > Invoices > and enter in any info you want into the Bill from html section:
After you click Save Changes, that info will now appear on any past and future invoices for your members.

You also may want to add your logo to your invoices for more branding. You can do that by scrolling up to the Header section html and clicking Image:
The final result of both changes would look something like this:

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