How to stop credit card popups from blocking members

In rare situations, a member may have a delinquent payment owed to you, but you want to forgive the payment.

By forgiving the payment, it will stop the member from seeing a credit card update popup appear on your website which prevents them from navigating around.

  1. To forgive the delinquent payment, you'll need to go into your Stripe account > click Customers on the left > find the member and click their name > scroll down to the Invoices section and click on the one that says 'Retrying':
  2. Then click the three dots next to 'Retry charge' > click Change invoice status:
  3. Then select either Void or Uncollectible and add an internal note if you want.

    After you do this, the member's delinquent payment will no longer be recovered, and they won't see the credit card update popup on your website.
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