(Legacy Feature) How to integrate FirstPromoter

This integration is no longer being offered to newer customers. Instead, we recommend you use our Rewardful integration for affiliate functionality.

FirstPromoter is a powerful option if you want to have affiliates for your membership business.

FirstPromoter allows you to track when an affiliate refers a customer to your membership. You decide what the payout terms/rewards are and can then easily process payouts via PayPal.

How to Setup

  1. Sign up for any FirstPromoter plan here.
  2. Create your first campaign:
    You can choose to give affiliates a reward (e.g. 25% recurring commission) or an offer (e.g. discount coupon).

    We don't recommend you customize rewards by plan in FirstPromoter since that involves you finding your Plan ID in Stripe which can be confusing.
  3. After you create your campaign, go ahead and add your branding:
  4. After you add your branding, click Start under Quick setup:
  5. You can ignore the 'View instructions' button and scroll down to click Next:
  6. Click on Stripe Connect to authenticate with your Stripe account:Make sure you connect the same Stripe account you've already connected to MemberSpace.
  7. After connecting to Stripe, click Next:
  8. In the top right, click Settings > Integrations > then select your API key, right click it, then click copy:
  9. In MemberSpace > click Customize > Integrations > FirstPromoter > then paste in your API Key and click 'Integrate with FirstPromoter':
  10. Back in FirstPromoter, click the warning banner at the top:
  11. Click the 3rd step, then click the Finish button:
  12. You can now start inviting affiliates via FirstPromoter! You should see a screen that has your unique link to share with anyone who wants to sign up to become your affiliate:


If you're not seeing the Finish button in Step 11, review the list below:

  • Ensure you've added your FirstPromoter API key to your MemberSpace site (see Step 9).
  • Try clearing your browser's cache > then in FirstPromoter click Getting Started (menu on the left side) > then click the Start button under Quick setup:
    Now see if Step 11 works for you this time.
  • Check that the referral link URL you entered in for your campaign is part of your MemberSpace site.
  • If you're not able to see a referral amount come through in FirstPromoter, double check you've connected the same Stripe account you already connected to MemberSpace.
  • If you're not able to see a referral amount come through in FirstPromoter, double check that the person who signed up didn't switch devices. E.g. They originally clicked the link on their iPhone and then completed the sign up on a computer or a tablet.
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