How to integrate Rewardful (affiliate functionality)

Rewardful is a great option if you want to have affiliates for your membership business.

We are recommending Rewardful through an affiliate link, which means we earn a commission if you choose to purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Rewardful allows you to track when an affiliate refers a customer to your membership. You decide what the payout terms are and can then easily process payouts via PayPal.

How to Setup

  1. Sign up for any Rewardful plan here.
  2. Connect your Stripe account:

    Make sure you connect the same Stripe account you've already connected to MemberSpace.

  3. Create your first campaign:

  4. On the Code Integration step, copy your Rewardful API Key:

  5. In MemberSpace > click Customize > Integrations > Rewardful > then paste in your API Key and click Integrate with Rewardful:

  6. Back in Rewardful, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Ok button:

  7. On the next step, click Confirm installation:

  8. Your website will open. Now in Rewardful, if you refresh the page, you should see a confirmation that your setup is done:

  9. You can now start inviting affiliates via Rewardful (

When your customers share a plan-specific link, they'll need to replace the question mark with an ampersand before adding their affiliate token.

Example token: ?via=example

Signup link:


If your installation isn't confirming (see Step 8), review the list below:

  • Ensure you've added your Rewardful API key to your MemberSpace site (see Step 5)
  • Try clearing your cache and retry confirming the installation (see Step 7). You might have an older version cached on your browser. Alternatively, try following the confirmation link in an incognito window.
  • Check the URL you entered in your Campaign Settings and ensure it's part of your MemberSpace site.
  • If you're not able to see a referral amount come through in Rewardful, double check you've connected the same Stripe account you already connected to MemberSpace.
  • If you're not able to see a referral amount come through in Rewardful, double check that the person who signed up didn't switch devices. E.g. They originally clicked the link on their iPhone and then completed the sign-up on a computer or a tablet.

Double-sided incentives

You must be on Rewardful's Growth plan or higher to take advantage of double-sided incentives. 

Double-sided incentives allow you to automatically apply a coupon to anyone who uses a specific campaign's Rewardful link. This is a great way to increase affiliate traffic as both sides will have an incentive to drive traffic/convert—the affiliate will receive a commission while the visitor will receive a coupon for their membership.

This Rewardful functionality can also be repurposed as a way to automatically apply a coupon to members' subscriptions upon signup. For step 2 below, simply create a $0 commission campaign in Rewardful and sign up yourself as an affiliate for that campaign so you can generate the unique link to your website. Then, when users click that unique link to visit your website and join any applicable Member Plan, the coupon will be automatically applied when they get to the MemberSpace payment form.

To add a double-sided incentive (coupon) to your Rewardful campaign, follow the steps below.
  1. Create a coupon in MemberSpace under Member Plans > Manage Coupons > Create Coupon. This is the coupon that will be applied to new members.

    For the type of Member Plan to which the coupon should apply, choose Only recurring or multiple payment plans. From there, you can decide how you'd like to apply the discount (fixed amount or percentage) as well as the duration (once, multi-month, forever).  However, you should not set a Max number of redemptions.

  2. Once you've created the coupon, you'll copy and paste the unique coupon code into Rewardful. You decided the unique coupon code when creating the coupon in the previous step:

    In Rewardful, go to Campaigns (at the top) > click into the campaign > Edit campaign > Show advanced settings. Then, paste the unique coupon code into the Stripe Coupon ID field:

    After, be sure to click Update Campaign at the bottom to save your changes.

Now, when someone uses the affiliate link to visit your website and sign up for a Member Plan, the coupon will automatically be applied to their subscription!

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