Creating and Using Coupons

Creating Coupons

To create a coupon go into Member Plans then Add Coupons (if you haven't created any coupons yet) otherwise View Coupons on the left and finally Add Coupon in the upper left corner. 

You can create a coupon for one time charge plans or subscription/payment plans. 

The options for creating coupons are

  • Unique coupon code. This is the coupon text your members will enter when paying for memberships (cannot be changed).
  • Amount off or percentage off (cannot be changed). This is discount amount/percentage taken off the Member Plan's price. If you select an amount off you must also choose a currency. 
  • Max number of redemptions (optional). The maximum number of times this coupon can be redeemed by members.
  • Start and end dates (optional). You can choose a date the coupon will start to be valid and/or a date when it stop being valid. 
  • How long should the coupon last (only for subscription/payment coupons). This is how many times a coupon will be applied to a member's subscription/payment plan. 

Managing Coupons

Once created you can view, update, sort, and delete them. We also display the number of times a coupon was used. If needed you can disable a coupon so it can not be used and re-enable it later, just like Member Plans. 

Stripe and Coupons

This section applies only to subscription/payment coupons. One time charge coupons are handled entirely outside of Stripe. 

There is now no need to visit the Stripe dashboard in order to manage coupons but there are a few items to note.

  • First you can sync your current Stripe coupons with MemberSpace. Simply click the Sync Stripe Coupons button and we will import your last 100 coupons form Stripe. 
  • Coupons created in MemberSpace are more flexible than coupons created in Stripe. Once created you can change the max redemptions and the start/end dates in MemberSpace. In Stripe you can not change these items plus Stripe does not have the concept of a start date or an enabled/disabled option. 
  • When you create a coupon (subscription/payment only) we do create a corresponding coupon in Stripe. 
  • When you delete that coupon we delete the corresponding coupon in Stripe. 
  • If you do happen to create or delete a coupon from the Stripe dashboard we will create/delete that coupon in MemberSpace as well. The goal is to keep them in sync. 

Using Coupons on Payment Forms

After you create a coupon you can provide the coupon code to your members or future members through whatever marketing channel that best fits your business. All the member has to do is apply the coupon when purchasing a plan. 

For example, say we had a $100 one time charge plan called Amazing Cool Plan and we created a coupon for $20 off called "20off". When viewing the plans purchase form all the member needs to do is enter the coupon and confirm that it is valid. 

When a coupon is valid they will see the coupon applied and what the discount is. 

When a coupon is not valid or expired we will display an error message to them. 

If a coupon is used in the purchase of a plan those details will be reflected in the member's welcome email and the invoice that can be viewed from their account. 

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