How to create and use coupons

Creating Coupons

To create a coupon in MemberSpace > click Member Plans in your top navigation > click Manage Coupons > click Create Coupon.

You can create a coupon based on the type of Member Plan you want to use the coupon for: either one time payment plans or recurring/multiple payment plans:

Coupons for one time payment plans

If you select 'Only one time payment plans' from the top dropdown, you'll have this form to fill out:

If you set a coupon for a specific Member Plan, but then someone upgrades or downgrades to a different Member Plan, the coupon will still be active for them.

Coupons for recurring/multiple payment plans

If you select 'Only recurring or multiple payment plans' from the top dropdown you'll have this form to fill out:

Coupon length differences

When you create a coupon for recurring/multiple payment plans you'll have three options for how long the coupon should last:


This coupon will only apply to the initial charge the member receives from the Member Plan they joined using this coupon. The initial charge could be a prorated one if you have a billing date enabled.


The number of months this coupon applies. During this time period, the coupon will automatically apply to any charges that occur for the member (even if they switch subscriptions). This includes any initial prorated charge if you have a billing date enabled.


This coupon will apply to any and all charges that occur for the member (even if they switch subscriptions).

Managing Coupons

Once you create a coupon you can always click 'Edit Coupon' on the right to change various options (e.g. disable a coupon).

You can also remove coupons by clicking 'Delete Coupon' which will stop anyone new from using it but won't affect members currently using it.

You can also change the order your coupons appear on this page by clicking + holding + dragging them up or down:

When your members redeem your coupons, you will see a new option to 'View Stats' per coupon:

When you click the link, you'll be shown who has redeemed the coupon over time.

Stripe and coupons

This section applies only to recurring/multiple payment plan coupons. One time payment plan coupons are handled entirely outside of Stripe. 

There is no need to visit the Stripe dashboard in order to manage coupons, but there are a few items to note.

  • First, you can sync your current Stripe coupons with MemberSpace. Simply click the 'Sync Stripe Coupons' button on the left side, and we will import your last 100 coupons from Stripe into the page view you're seeing:
  • Coupons created in MemberSpace are more flexible than coupons created in Stripe. Once created, you can change the max redemptions and the start/end dates in MemberSpace. In Stripe, you can not change these items, plus Stripe does not have the concept of a start date or an enabled/disabled option. 
  • When you create a coupon (recurring/multiple payment plan only), we do create a corresponding coupon in your Stripe account.
  • When you delete that coupon, we delete the corresponding coupon in Stripe. 
  • If you do happen to create or delete a coupon from the Stripe dashboard, we will create/delete that coupon in MemberSpace as well. The goal is to keep them in sync. 

Using coupons on payment forms

After you create a coupon, you can provide the coupon code to your members or future members through whatever marketing channel best fits your business. All the member has to do is enter + apply the coupon when purchasing a plan. 

For example, say we had a $100 one time payment plan called 'Amazing Cool Plan' and we created a coupon for $20 off called "20off". When viewing the payment form, all the member needs to do is enter the coupon:

And then click 'Apply Coupon'.

When a coupon is valid, they will see the coupon applied and what the discount is. 

When a coupon is not valid or expired, we will display an error message to them. 

If a coupon is used in the purchase of a plan, those details will be reflected in the member's Welcome Email and the invoice that can be viewed from their account:

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