Creating Member Plans

Member Plans allow you to choose the cost and terms to access your Member Pages (and Content Links).

How to create a Member Plan

  1. In your MemberSpace backend, go to Member Plans > Create Member Plans:
  2. Next, choose which type of Member Plan you'd like to create. You can create as many different Free, One-Time Payment, Multiple Payment, and Recurring Payment plans as you'd like.
  3. Then, configure the various settings for the Member Plan. You'll choose the name and determine the payment amount and interval (if it's a paid plan), free trial period (if applicable), and more.
  4. The After Sign Up and After Log In fields allow you to choose where you'd like to send new members after they sign up and where to send existing members each time they log in. For example, when someone joins this plan for the first time, you could send them to a welcome page; if someone is already on this plan and logs in to their account, you could send them to a member's dashboard page.
    If a member is on multiple plans with different "After Log In" URLs, they will remain on the page where they logged in, and their Account area will open (or the Member Menu if it is enabled) where they can choose which content they'd like to view.
  5. Finally, click Create this plan at the bottom.

Changing the order of your plans

Once you create various Member Plans, you can adjust the order in which they appear by clicking and dragging them up or down the list.

Plan signup links

Each Member Plan will have a unique sign-up link that you can add to your website so people can join that specific plan. Otherwise, you can add the All-Plans Link to your website if you'd like your members to have the option of which Member Plan to join.

When a non-member or logged-out member clicks a Member Plan link on your website, they will see a popup form to create an account.
You can customize various aspects of this form including the wording and look & feel. Additionally, you can add custom sign up fields to the Create Account form or create ones that show after signup.

Once a member creates their account, they will enter their payment details (if joining a paid plan) and click to officially join the plan.

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