How to change the Look & Feel

The "Look & Feel" section allows you to change the color and style of the various forms and modals your members see (e.g. login, signup, account, etc).

In MemberSpace, click Customize > Look & Feel

Here you will find all of the options you can use to style the various forms and modals members will see.

On the left-hand side, you'll see a dropdown with options for various views like Login, Account, Sign Up, Forgot Password, Payment, Member Button, and Member Menu. Editing the various elements in these views will allow you to style any aspect of a MemberSpace form or modal your members will see:

Once you choose an option from the dropdown, you can click on any individual element within the view to style it (on the left-hand side):

After any styling change, make sure to click the Save Changes button:

If you want to remove a change prior to saving, click Discard changes. Once you save any changes, you would have to update the styling again to switch back to a previous design. The Discard changes button only removes changes that have not been saved.

If you click the Reset to default button, that will revert the form or modal back to the default styling.

You can also remove the default Member Button within the Look & Feel editor by choosing "Member Button" from the dropdown on the left.

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