How signup fees for Member Plans work

When creating a recurring or multiple payment Member Plan, you have the option to enable a signup fee:
A signup fee is a way to charge extra money in addition to the recurring charge your members will pay. 

For example, if your membership requires some level of setup from you or someone on your team for each member - you may want to charge a signup fee to help cover that cost.

Whatever amount you enter for the signup fee will be charged right away in addition to the recurring charge.

Say you have a $50/month plan with a $200 signup fee. If a member goes to join the plan on July 15th, they will be charged $250 right away, and then a $50 charge will recur every month (e.g. August 15th, September 15th, etc).

Member Plans cannot have both a signup fee and a free trial. If you choose to offer a free trial for any given plan, the signup fee option will disappear for that plan.

Signup fees when switching plans

If a member is switching from a one time payment or free plan to one with a signup fee, they will be charged the signup fee when they switch.

If they are switching from a recurring or multiple payment plan to a different recurring or multiple plan with a sign up fee, they will NOT be charged the signup fee for the new plan, and the site owner would need to manually create that charge in Stripe.

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