How to change wording your members see

Elevate your members' experience by personalizing the various wording they see, seamlessly aligning it with your unique brand identity.

Custom wording examples

One way to enhance your members' experience is by changing various wording they see so it's more on-brand with your business.

For example, say you didn't really offer plans — what you provide are courses people can purchase for a one-time fee. In your members' Account area, you may want to change the word "Plans":

With our Custom Wording feature, you can change the word to something more relevant to your business such as "Courses":

To do this in MemberSpace, click Customize in the left navigation > click Custom Wording > click Account > scroll down to Plans title > change the wording and click Save Changes:

This is just one example — there are literally hundreds of different words and phrases you can customize for your members. All options can be found within Customize > Custom Wording.

Feel free to test various wording with your members; you can always reset anything you change back to the default:

Here's another example: Say you are inviting certain members to a free private plan in MemberSpace after they pay you via check or Venmo. After you invite them, you don't want their plan to have the word "Free" next to it in their account:

You can easily change this in MemberSpace > click Customize > Custom Wording > Account > scroll down to Free plan > change the wording and click Save Changes:

Now the word will be changed in your members' accounts:

What can't be customized

There are a few areas of your members' experience where the wording can not be customized, unfortunately.

Any errors people see when trying to submit any form (e.g. email is already in use, incorrect password, etc.) are not editable unless you switch the language in General Options to Spanish (see below).

Changing English to Spanish

Instead of going word by word, you can easily change all of the English words your members see to Spanish at once!

Go to Customize > General Options > and scroll down to Localization Options > click the dropdown for Display wording in a different language for members and change it to Spanish > click Save Changes:

Feel free to adjust the default Spanish translations we provide by going to Customize > Custom Wording.

You'll still need to manually update the wording for any of the Notification Emails you want to be translated. To edit those, click Customize > Notification Emails.

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