How to invite members

Sometimes you want to manually invite members instead of having them sign up for a Member Plan via your website or instead of sending them a plan sign up link.

When you manually invite members, they will not have any link they can share with others, so this is the most secure way to get specific individuals added onto specific plans within your MemberSpace without worrying about other people joining the plan.

If you need to invite 10 or more people at once, we're happy to help run an import for you. Just contact [email protected] and tell us you want to run an import.

Here's how to invite members:

  1. In MemberSpace > click Members in the top navigation > click Invite New Member:
  2. Fill in the form for the member you are inviting and select the plan you want to add them to:

    Only enabled Member Plans will show in the dropdown list.

  3. After you click Invite Member Now, they will receive your Member Invite email. You can edit that by going to Customize > Member Emails > and clicking on Member Invite:                     
    After your members click the accept link, they will be prompted to set their password for their account.

    Keep in mind that the link in the invite email expires after 1 week of being sent. If your member does not click the link and create an account prior to the link expiring, you can go to the Members tab in your account, search for the member and resend the invite email.

    The "Re-send invite email" option will only show for members who have not yet accepted the invite and created a password.

    If you invited the member to a free plan, they will then be prompted to click "Join Now" to officially be added to the plan.

    If you invited the member to a paid plan, they will need to enter their billing details after they click the accept link in the Invite Email.
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