How to make a Member Plan private

If you are looking to create a Member Plan that can be joined by invitation only, you will want to set your Member Plan to "Private".  

By default, Members are able to upgrade, downgrade, or join Public plans from within their account. Additionally, Public plans are auto-upsold to current members who try to access pages and content on your site to which the plan would grant them access. Setting your Member Plan to "Private" will ensure the plan does not show as an option in either scenario.

Setting a Member Plan to "Private" is simple and can be done when creating a new Member Plan or by editing an existing one.

Making a Member Plan Private

  1. In MemberSpace > click Member Plans in the left navigation > click Create Member Plans > select the type of plan from the dropdown > scroll down to Make Plan Public?:

    By default, this setting is turned ON.

  2. Toggle the switch to the OFF position.
  3. Click the Create this plan button at the bottom, and you're done. Now, members will only be able to join that plan via a manual invite or the plan's signup link.

    You can always alter this setting within an existing plan by simply editing the Member Plan:

  4. When editing an existing Member Plan, the button at the bottom will change from "Create this plan" to "Update Now." After changing the Member Plan to "Private", be sure to click the Update Now button.
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