How to create custom sign up fields

MemberSpace allows you to add custom fields to your signup form in order to collect more information that's relevant to your business.

For example, you could ask what type of company your members work for or where they are located.

If you want people to agree to your privacy policy or terms & conditions before becoming members, follow these steps.

We also have the option to add sign up fields per Member Plan. So if you want to collect additional information for only certain Member Plans, those questions will appear in an additional popup after the member completes the sign up form and chooses a plan.

There are various types of sign up fields you can add:

  • Single line of text
  • Paragraph of text
  • Dropdown selection
  • Checkbox
  • Multiple choice (single selection or multiple)

How to add Custom Sign Up Fields

  1. To add custom sign up fields, log into your MemberSpace account > choose Customize in the left navigation > then click Sign Up Fields as shown below:

  2. Click Add Sign up Fields > select the type of sign up field you'd like to create from the dropdown:

  3. You can then enter the display name your users will see followed by any additional instructions for filling out that field:

    When adding multiple choice sign up fields, you should separate each multiple choice option with a comma (e.g. red, green, blue).

    Learn how to automatically add members to your email list (e.g. Mailchimp).

  4. At the end of the form, you can choose to add this field to your sign up form by toggling on Enable field now?.
  5. Then, you can select if you'd like this sign up field to appear for all Member Plans or only a specific Member Plan. 

    If you choose to make the field plan-specific, the field will display in a popup AFTER the user has submitted the initial sign up form and payment information. 

    For plan-specific fields, you can still set the field as 'Required' and the user will see an error message if they try to submit the form without filling out the field. But the user does have the ability to click elsewhere on the screen to close the popup window without completing the field.If you 100% need the field to be filled out, make sure you toggle off Show field after sign up and toggle on Require field during sign up:

  6. Once you have finished, click Add Now at the bottom of the form.

    Here is an example of how your sign up form will look with a custom sign up field. In this example, we chose a checkbox:

    And here is an example of how a plan-specific sign up field will appear after the user has finished the sign up process:

  7. You can also change the order in which these fields show up on your form by simply dragging them:

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