How to protect pages en masse

This guide will show you how to protect more than one page on your site using only one Member Page URL.

In some cases, you may have a blog, course, or events listings where you want the preview page public while the actual content (blog posts, course files, event details, etc) is protected for members only.

  1. Go to Member Pages
  2. Click Protect Member Pages
  3. Enter Page URL with a backslash and asterisk - /page_url/* 

    You will see instructions below the text box for the page URL: We're only going to highlight the part about adding pages in mass:

    You can also add page URLs en masse, e.g. /blog/* would automatically add all pages starting with /blog/ as Member Pages, but not the /blog/ page itself (it needs to be added separately).

    Here is an example of what a blog post URL might look like:
    So from that URL, all you need to add for a Member Page to protect every post is /blog/*
  4. Click Add Now to save page

Mass-protected pages will not appear in the Member Menu.

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