How to get referral credit as a MemberSpace Partner

Earn a commission by referring new customers to MemberSpace!

What is a MemberSpace Partner?

There are a few different opportunities to partner with MemberSpace:

  • Affiliate partners
  • Agency partners
  • Technical partners

Learn more about our MemberSpace Partner Program.

Earn commission as a Partner

Each partnership option includes the opportunity to earn passive income with an affiliate account.

Use your unique affiliate link to share MemberSpace with your audience and earn a 50% recurring commission when a new customer joins our Professional Plan (available with monthly or annual billing). Continue earning for up to 12 months, as long as your referral remains a customer!

Your affiliate link includes a 10% discount off your referrals’ first year of the MemberSpace Professional Plan. (This discount is automatically applied when a referral selects either billing option for the Professional Plan within 60 days of clicking your affiliate link.)

When sharing your discount, it can also help to highlight the benefits of using MemberSpace to grow a thriving membership business:

πŸ‘€ Unlimited plans and members open the door to unlimited opportunities for growth

πŸ’³ Flexible, secure billing options make it convenient for customers to purchase your digital offerings

🎨 Design customization gives you the freedom to create a seamless, branded experience for customers

πŸ₯Έ White-label notification emails to be sent from their own domain (rather than β€” this helps emails be more recognizable to members

πŸ“§ Email campaigns make it easy to streamline communication directly from your MemberSpace backend

πŸ›Ÿ Revenue recovery β€” automatically track down lost revenue from failed charges and abandoned signups, and retain more members with cancelation alternatives

🀝 Site admins allow all team members to have easy access

πŸ–₯️ Unlimited connected sites β€” great for businesses with multiple membership sites or distinct products

🌟 VIP customer support β€” connect with our friendly team for help setting up a membership or digital product

Visit to apply!

How to get credit for referring new customers

Simply add your affiliate token to the end of any URL to get credit for referring new customers.

When sharing one of our Professional Plan signup links directly, be sure to replace the question mark with an ampersand before adding your affiliate token.

Example token: ?via=example

Signup link (annual):

Partners who sign up for a MemberSpace Agency account can add their affiliate token to their Agency Details to automatically receive credit for any new customers they refer to MemberSpace. The affiliate commission will begin once the referred customer joins our Professional Plan (available with monthly or annual billing).

Follow the steps below to retrieve your affiliate token and add it to Agency Details in your MemberSpace backend.

  1. Log in to your MemberSpace Affiliate dashboard.
  2. Locate your affiliate token (you'll only need the unique part of the token that comes after ?via=).

  3. If you haven't yet, you can sign up for a MemberSpace Agency account.
  4. Once you create a new MemberSpace account or log in to an existing one, you will be shown the Agency Details form where you can enter your affiliate token.

    If you already have a MemberSpace Agency account, you can edit your Agency Details by going to your Account area and clicking Edit your Agency.

    You will then see the Agency Details form and can enter your affiliate token.

    After, be sure to save your changes.

Legacy Affiliate Program

If you're a member of our legacy Affiliate Program, your commissions will not be affected unless you join the new Partner Program. As a legacy affiliate, you can still use your existing affiliate token and earn 25% recurring commission when someone you refer joins our Professional Plan.

If you join the Partner Program, all of your existing and new referrals will assume the new affiliate terms (50% recurring commission for 12 months). Any commissions for referrals older than a year will end.

It’s not possible to return to the legacy Affiliate Program if you join the Partner Program.

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