How to set up client sites on MemberSpace

If you are a web design/development agency or other professional setting up a MemberSpace site on behalf of a client, this guide will help you get started using MemberSpace for your clients' sites.

As an Agency, you have access to the following perks:

  • Free MemberSpace access: Connect unlimited client sites, no subscription required!
  • Easily manage multiple client sites: Access all MemberSpace sites you own (or are an admin on) from your Agency account.
  • Unlimited trial: Your client will not need to join a MemberSpace plan until they're ready to add members to their site.
  • Easy hand-off: We've streamlined the process for passing along a finished site to your client. By default, you'll remain an admin on your client's site.
  • Automated affiliate credit: If you're a MemberSpace Affiliate Partner, you'll automatically receive referral credit for new customers you refer to our Professional Plan (available with monthly or annual billing).
  • 10% discount on client sites: Your clients will receive 10% off their first year of our Professional Plan as long as you've added your affiliate token to your MemberSpace Agency account. The discount will be automatically applied at site hand-off. 

Signing up for an Agency account

Follow the steps below to set up your MemberSpace Agency account.

  1. Sign up for an Agency account.

    If you have an existing MemberSpace account, simply log in to your account by clicking "Already have an account? Log in" at the bottom of the signup form.

  2. After you create or log in to your MemberSpace account, you'll add your Agency Details. 

    For help finding your affiliate token, follow the steps in this guide. If you are not yet a MemberSpace Affiliate Partner, join now at!

  3. Click Create Agency to officially create your Agency account.

    You can edit your Agency Details at any time within your MemberSpace Account area by clicking Edit your Agency.

Setting up client sites on MemberSpace

This is the recommended workflow for setting up client sites on MemberSpace:

  1. After you create your Agency account, you can connect a new website by clicking Connect a new site.

    If you were previously a MemberSpace customer or Admin, you will also see any sites already connected to your account.

    If you have existing MemberSpace sites accessed via your clients' login credentials, follow these instructions to invite yourself as an admin and manage the site under your own account.

    You can connect a new website to your account at any time under Customize > Connected Websites > Connect a new site.

  2. If you want to grant your client access to edit the site, you can invite them as an admin under Customize > Manage Admins > Invite an Admin.

    This step is recommended for connecting your client's Stripe account as explained in Step 3.

  3. If your client's site will require any MemberSpace integrations (including Zapier connection), request their API key or login/password with our email templates.

    If you will be creating paid plans for your client's site, you'll need to connect your client's Stripe account before setting up those paid plans. Because financial information is sensitive, we recommend sending this templated email with simple instructions for your client to connect their own Stripe account, rather than requesting they share their Stripe username/password with you. 

  4. Set up your client's productsplanslook & feelcustom wordingnotification emailsmember navigation, and any other custom options under Customize in the left navigation (follow the linked setup guides as needed).
  5. Install MemberSpace on your client's site.

The Stripe account you connect is permanent and cannot be changed, so be sure you're connecting your client's account and not your own.

Connect site billing

Members cannot join or be added to your client's site until billing is connected. Follow the steps below to set up billing for a client site:

  1. In the backend of the MemberSpace site, click Connect Billing at the bottom.

  2. Choose whether you would like to enter billing details yourself or assign billing to your client (we'll send them an email with a secure invite link).

  3. If you choose to assign billing to your client, simply enter your client's information and click Send Billing Invite. Your client will then receive an invite email from MemberSpace to choose a plan that best fits their needs and accept the site's billing.

    If you choose to enter billing details yourself and do NOT have an existing MemberSpace subscription, or if you are on a legacy MemberSpace plan, you will need to choose a current plan from the dropdown.

    If you choose to enter billing details yourself and DO have an existing MemberSpace subscription, simply click Accept Ownership to finalize billing for the site.

Once the site's billing has been connected, members can join and be added to the site. 

The MemberSpace account being billed will become the Site Owner. If your client becomes the Site Owner, you (the Agency) will remain an Admin on the site. If you'd like to be removed as an Admin, your client can remove you by going to Customize > Manage Admins > Delete Admin:

If your client is a new MemberSpace customer, and you've added your Affiliate Token to your Agency Details, affiliate credit will be automatically applied when your client connects billing on our Professional Plan (available with monthly or annual billing). Additionally, your client will receive a 10% discount on their first year of our Professional Plan.

Having your client review the signup/login process

After the site's billing has been established, you can have your client test the signup/login process by following the steps in our guide on testing your member experience and plans.

Setting your clients up for success

Here are some helpful resources to share with your clients so they can understand and maintain their MemberSpace-protected site:

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