How to test your member experience and Member Plans

Sign Up For Your Member Plan

The simplest way to test your Member Plans and overall member experience are working properly is to simply go to your website and sign up as if you were a new member.

To do that, open a private window in your browser (click File in the top left of your screen and then select New Incognito Window or New Private Window depending on your browser).

Then go to your website and click on any Member Plan sign up link you've added. Here is a quick overview video about sign up links.

Create A 100% Off Coupon

If the Member Plan you're joining is not free, we recommend you create a coupon discount for yourself so you aren't charged after signing up. To do that, go to your MemberSpace backend and click Member Plans > Add/View Coupons > Add Coupon and make it 100% off. Then use that coupon when entering in your credit card details for the paid plan.

If you prefer to sign up and actually pay (not recommended) here is how you refund yourself afterwards (Note: Stripe may charge you a refund fee).

Alternative - Set Up A Free Test Plan

If you prefer to create a free test plan instead, choose one of your existing Member Plans you want to mirror for the test.

Then go to your MemberSpace backend and click on Member Plans, then click "Add Member Plan", then select "Free (no payment)" from the dropdown.

For the title of the plan just call it something simple like "Test Plan" and make sure you set up the same Member Page access, Content Link access (if applicable), After Sign Up url, and After Log In url as the Member Plan you're mirroring. Also, at the bottom make sure you toggle off "Make Plan Public".

Next, click the "Sign Up Link" for the free plan you just created. Then click the "Copy" button:

Paste the sign up link in a private or incognito browser window and sign up as a new member.

Popular MemberSpace Customizations

Here is a useful list of the most popular parts of MemberSpace people usually customize to improve their member's experience 👍

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