How to customize Member Emails

Member Emails are the various emails that MemberSpace sends out to your members on your behalf.

The emails look like they are coming from you, but technically we are sending them.

These emails are account-based, meaning they are only related to membership account actions that a member performs (e.g. password reset, started a trial, canceled a plan, etc.)

Where are my member emails? Edit my member emails
Which emails should I adjust? Stop an email from sending
Can I use my email marketing tool instead?

Where are my Member Emails?

You can easily view the full list of Member Emails we send out. In MemberSpace > click Customize (in the top navigation) > Member Emails:

To adjust the From Name, From Address, or Reply-To Address that your members will see when they receive these emails, click the Change link at the top of the page:

How do I edit my Member Emails?

You can easily edit any of these emails by clicking them. You can then edit the subject and body text:

However, within these emails, MemberSpace sometimes has variables like {{member.first_name}} which will dynamically output based on the member's account details. For example, {{member.first_name}} will output the member's first name.

You can feel free to move or copy these variables to other parts of the email, but generally, you should not delete them or edit them in any way.

Feel free to send yourself a test email as well so you can see the results of any changes you've made before saving:

Which emails should I adjust?

The most popular emails to edit are the 'Welcome Email' and the 'Successful Charge Receipt Email'.

The Welcome Email is sent when your members first join one of your Member Plans, as a confirmation they've joined successfully.

You also have the ability to add a separate Welcome Email for each of your Member Plans:

The 'Successful Charge Receipt' email will be sent each time your member makes a payment. Feel free to add in any additional wording there about topics like support, webinars, help docs, etc to help provide more value for your members when they are viewing their bill. This can help reduce cancelations (i.e. churn).

How do I stop an email from sending?

Click into the email you want to stop sending, and then toggle Enable Email to Off:

Can I use my email marketing tool instead?

No, you can't use your email marketing tool (e.g. Mailchimp, Convertkit) to send these Member Emails. Only MemberSpace can send them.

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