Agency Accounts

Agency accounts are exclusive to web design/development agencies and other professionals setting up a MemberSpace site on behalf of a client.

While you may already have a MemberSpace account, distinguishing yourself as an Agency comes with a few nice perks!

  • Free access: Connect unlimited client sites, no subscription required!
  • Easily manage multiple client sites: Access all MemberSpace sites you own (or are an Admin on) from your Agency account.
  • Unlimited trial: Your client will not need to join a MemberSpace plan until they're ready to add members to their site.
  • Easy hand-off: We've streamlined the process for passing along a finished site to your client. By default, you'll remain an Admin on your client's site.
  • Automated affiliate credit: If you're a MemberSpace Affiliate Partner, you'll automatically receive referral credit for new customers you refer to our Professional Plan (available with monthly or annual billing).
  • 10% discount on client sites: Your clients will receive 10% off their first year of our Professional Plan (monthly or annual billing) as long as you've added your affiliate token to your MemberSpace Agency account. The discount will be automatically applied at site hand-off.

Signing up for an Agency account

Find the scenario below that best explains your current situation and follow the steps to sign up for an Agency account!  

Note: If you are currently logged in to your client's MemberSpace account, you'll need to first log out before you can set up your own account.

If you have an existing MemberSpace subscription

If you currently use MemberSpace to run your own membership site, you'll need to keep your current subscription in addition to signing up for an Agency account. This will provide you with additional perks on client sites as mentioned above.  

If you do not have your own MemberSpace site and only subscribed to build client sites, you can cancel your subscription after signing up as an Agency. (Agencies now receive free access for client sites! 🙌)

If you are using your client's login credentials

If you are currently using your client's login credentials to set up a membership site on their behalf, you can now sign up for your own free Agency account. Once you sign up for an Agency account, use your client's login details to access the backend of their MemberSpace site and invite yourself as an Admin. From there, log out of your client's account and access the site from your new Agency account (it will now appear in your sites list).

If you were invited to a client's site as an Admin

You're almost there! Simply sign up for your free Agency account to have access to our agency benefits and resources. You'll automatically see your client's site in your MemberSpace account.

If you accidentally joined a paid plan

If you already started paying for MemberSpace, but are not planning to run your own membership site, you can sign up for your free Agency account and then cancel your paid subscription.

For full details on the recommended agency workflow, check out this guide.

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