How to manage multiple site admins

By default, a MemberSpace customer who initially connected a website to their account is the Site Owner.

But say you have someone (or multiple people) on your team who will need access to your MemberSpace account to help you manage and/or setup everything.

You can easily invite these people as Site Admins within your MemberSpace account (without having to share your login details). 

And if you have multiple websites connected to your MemberSpace account, you can invite these Site Admins to each site specifically.

How to invite site admins

In MemberSpace, make sure you are in your correct site > then click Customize in the top navigation > click Manage Admins > click Invite an Admin:

The Manage Admins features is only available to customers on our current plans. If you're on a legacy plan you can easily switch to a current plan here.

This person will then receive an email letting them know they've been invited and added as your Site Admin.

If they already are a MemberSpace customer, they will now simple see your site listed and accessible when they visit

If they are not a MemberSpace customer, we will automatically create an account for them (they won't be charged) and they will see your site listed and accessible when they visit

If you want Site Admins to get all the same MemberSpace email notifications you get (e.g. new member signup, member needs approval, etc.) make sure you add their email address by going to Customize > and scroll down to 'Send all MemberSpace notifications to this email' and add their email there in addition to yours.

What can site admins do?

Site Admins can do everything within the MemberSpace backend that the Site Owner can except view/edit anything in the Manage Admins area.

They won't be able to see any of your personal billing details or change/cancel your MemberSpace subscription.

They also can't delete the website you've added them to in MemberSpace.

How to delete site admins

Simply go to Customize > Manage Admins > and click Delete Admin under the Site Admin you want to delete:

You can always invite them again in the future if you want.

How to transfer a site

Say for example you're a web design agency who has set up MemberSpace for a client. You would have added the client's site under your MemberSpace account and likely invited the client as a Site Admin.

Now let's say you and the client no longer want to work together. They still want to keep their MemberSpace site active so you'll need to transfer the site to them.

To transfer the site away, first the client must be on one of our current plans.

Then to transfer, simply go to Customize > Manage Admins > and click Transfer Ownership under the Site Admin you want to transfer to:

After a site is transferred the Site Admin becomes the Site Owner and the Site Owner becomes a normal Site Admin.

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