Adding products and protecting pages

MemberSpace makes it easy to sell digital products directly from your own website.

Your MemberSpace products lock specific pages on your website and/or provide access to specific links on an external website (e.g. a Canva template or virtual meeting link).

After adding a product, you'll then sell it (or grant free access to it) via your MemberSpace plans.

Adding a new product

  1. In your MemberSpace, click Products Add Product.

  2. Under What are you selling access to? select a product type from the dropdown.

  3. Then, give your product a name. You can change this later.

    You can choose an emoji to represent your Product to display in the Member Menu:

  4. Next, select what page to lock on your website. Simply enter the slug for the website page (e.g. /example-page). You can also protect pages en masse.

  5. You can choose to lock more pages or include an external link (e.g. templates in Canva, a group on social media, a virtual meeting link, etc.).

  6. Select which plans grant access to this product and click Add Now.

Now, when a non-member (or logged-out member) visits any of the protected pages within your product, they will see a popup asking them to log in or sign up:

Product Access

Click the three dot menu on the right to show more options.

  • Page Title - The item's Title will show in the Member Menu.
  • Availability - Choose when access is available (e.g. immediately or drip access)
  • Member Menu - Determine whether or not you'd like to include the page or link in your Member Menu.

Edit Products

  1. In your MemberSpace, click Products > Edit next to an existing product.

  2. Here, you can adjust all Product settings.

  3. To save your changes click Update Now.

Adding external links to a product allows you to easily share them with your customers via your Member Menu, helping streamline your content navigation. However, external links are not protected by MemberSpace (anyone with the link can access it).

If your customer has access to more than one product that includes the same page (like a member dashboard), and the page has different availability settings for each product (e.g. immediate access in one product vs. 7 days after signup in another), the customer will be given the soonest available access to the protected page.

Protecting pages within a product provides a basic layer of protection for your website content. If you'd like, you can add extra security to each of your protected pages.

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