How to limit concurrent logins

With the ability to limit concurrent logins, you can easily determine the max number of people/devices that can be logged in to a single account using the same credentials at any given time.  This helps prevent members from sharing their login details with others.

Follow the steps below to set a concurrent login limit.

  1. Go to Customize > General Options in your MemberSpace backend.
  2. Under the Member Experience section (on the left), scroll down until you see Concurrent login limit:
  3. In the text box, enter the max number of logins you would like to allow at any given time. While the default limit is 3, you can change the concurrent login limit to any number > 0:
    Concurrent logins will be limited by IP address.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Now, when the concurrent login limit has been reached by a member's credentials, any new logins will result in the oldest login being logged out of the account. When a member is logged out because the concurrent login limit was reached, the reason for logout will be displayed in the Member Event List (under Members > View member details > Events in your MemberSpace backend):

Members with the oldest login sessions who exceed the concurrent login limit will immediately be logged out if they refresh their browser.  If they do not refresh their browser, they will automatically be logged out when they click to navigate anywhere on the website (though, members may still have access for up to 15 minutes).

Members will not notice they are logged out unless they are actively navigating the website after their login session expires or refresh their browser at any time.

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