Changing your MemberSpace plan

As a site owner, you can upgrade or downgrade your MemberSpace plan at any time, as long as your account meets the requirements of the new plan to which you are moving.  If your account does not meet the requirements of the new plan, you will be notified and given the next steps you'll need to take before you are able to switch to the new plan.

You may not switch to a new plan if your number of connected sites exceeds the number of sites the new plan allows.  If you have any unused sites, you can delete them by following the steps in this guide.  Once your number of connected sites meets the requirement of the new plan, you will be able to switch.

Additionally, you'll need to be sure you are not using higher-tier features that are not included in the new plan (i.e. removing MemberSpace branding and white-labeling MemberSpace).

Below are our various MemberSpace plan options as well as a list of included features for each:

Changing your MemberSpace plan

You can change your MemberSpace plan at any time from within your MemberSpace backend. 

  1. Click "Account" at the top, right of your MemberSpace backend.
  2. Click the 'Join new plan' button under the 'Plans' section:
  3. Select a new plan from the dropdown and choose your payment details:

Once you join the new plan, the features and pricing for that plan will take effect immediately.

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