How to add a Login / Account embed to Webflow

You can easily add a Login form embed within a specific page of your website.

When members are logged in, the embed will appear as a "Your Account" form automatically so your members can change their email, view invoices, update their credit card, cancel their subscription, etc.

Instructions for adding the embed to a specific page are below.

  1. In MemberSpace click 'Customize' in the top navigation > click 'Integrations' > click 'Webflow' > scroll down and click the 'Copy' button under 'Login / Account Embed':
  2. Make sure you are logged into your Webflow backend.
  3. Click the Pages icon on the left:
  4. Find the page you want to add the embed to and click it.
  5. Click the Add Elements icon in the top left. Then scroll down to 'Embed' and click it:
  6. Paste in the code you copied before, then click 'Save & Close':
  7. Lastly don't forget to 'Publish' your changes.
  8. To test this, you'll need to be on your live website (not the Webflow editor). The form should appear on your page once the code has been added: If you would like to add a Create Account button within your Login form, here are instructions.
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