MemberSpace security and compliance

Yes, all member login and billing details are secured using modern SSL encryption.

For any pages and content you want to protect, we have three security options:

Protect Member Pages (less secure)
The simplest option. Just tell us which existing website page URLs you want to designate as member only. We will automatically redirect any non-member who tries to access these pages. However, there are ways for tech-savvy people to disable the JavaScript redirect which is also true for most other 3rd party membership software.

Blackout your Member Pages (more secure)
Requires you add a small code snippet to each Member Page which will black out the page (for non-members) before they get redirected. The black out will remain even if they disable the redirect. This also helps SEO by sending Google and other search engines a strong signal to not index the page.

Add Content Links to Member Pages (most secure)
You can protect any PDF, image, mp3, document, HTML, or video (via YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia) on any page for members only. Disabling redirects or blackout codes still won't allow access to Content Links because that is authenticated via MemberSpace's server (unlike other 3rd party membership software that's less secure). You'll also gain analytics to see who interacted with your content and when. We recommend Content Links for any sensitive content.

Is MemberSpace GDPR, CCPA, & SCA compliant?

Yes and we enable you to be compliant for your members too. Learn more here.

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