How to install MemberSpace on Webflow

In your MemberSpace backend go to Customize - Integrations - Webflow

1. Click the "Copy" button:

You'll also notice a checkbox below the code:

If you don't want this floating Login / Account button, simply uncheck the box. However, if you remove the button, you’ll need to add one of these alternatives otherwise your members won't be able to log in or view their account:

2. Make sure you are logged into your Webflow backend ( you'll need to be subscribed to any paid Webflow plan to install MemberSpace).

3. Click "Project Settings" in the top left corner menu:

4. Click on "Custom Code", then paste in what you copied and click "Save Changes":

5. Lastly don't forget to "Publish" your changes

6. Now people can visit your website and join your Member Plans 🙏

To test this, you'll need to be on your live website (not the Webflow editor) since Webflow disables our code while in the editor.

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