How to install MemberSpace on Squarespace

  1. In MemberSpace > click Customize > click Integrations > click Squarespace
  2. Under '100% Required add install code' > click the Copy button:
  3. Make sure you are logged into your Squarespace backend (you'll need to be subscribed to Squarespace's Business plan or higher to install MemberSpace).
  4. Click 'Settings' on the left:
  5. Scroll down and click on 'Advanced':
  6. Click on 'Code Injection':

  7. Paste the code into the 'HEADER' section then click 'Save' in the top left

  8. Now people can visit your website and join your Member Plans to get access to your Member Pages!

  9. To test this, you'll need to be on your live website (not the Squarespace editor).

    Please check if your Squarespace template uses Ajax, if it does you should disable Ajax.

Once you successfully install MemberSpace, the Member Button will automatically display in the bottom right corner of all your website’s pages.  To customize the Member Button, check out this guide.

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